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If you are interested in becoming a member of The Metal Detectives then please visit the 'Become a Member' page.

We arrange digs for metal detectorists who are looking for somewhere to go and the chance to spend the day with a friendly and sociable group of like-minded people. Our metal detecting group has been running since early 2011 and we have been organising small, friendly digs located around the south of England which have proven to be very successful.

We run digs throughout the year and we limit our dig attendee numbers to avoid over-crowding. This has resulted in a lot of positive feedback from our current members who prefer the smaller groups with more regular digs available and the personal approach we employ during our digs.

You may wonder how we keep our digs smaller with the increasing number of detectorists joining our group - well the digs work on the basis that everyone is invited to every dig site and it is first come first serve, but if you miss out you will be given first refusal at the next dig in that area. There is lots of land out there and it is our priority to share the land with all responsible detectorists. We also hold regular digs to ensure that all our members have the opportunity to visit sites.

Our digs are normally held on Sundays, but we occasionally run Saturday digs and mid-week digs too. We also hold weekend detecting events and rallies.

We know many landowners who have granted us permission to detect on their land and as they provide us with excellent testimonials we are gaining new land to detect on a regular basis.

The Membership fee for one year is £30. The membership renewal date is 1st May. New members can join at any point during the year and they will pay for the remaining months of that membership year.

Our group offers various benefits:

  • Discounts on digs organised by The Metal Detectives Group

  • Finds reports from every Metal Detectives dig event

  • Invites to regular Metal Detecting digs with limited attendee numbers

  • Invites to 2-3 day weekend events & rallies arranged by The Metal Detectives Group

  • Discounts on weekend events and metal detecting rallies organised by The Metal Detectives Group

  • Regular email updates and information on up and coming dig sites

  • Regular quarterly newsletters from The Metal Detectives Group

  • Access to the online members area for The Metal Detectives website

  • Public Liability Insurance (Members are still required to have their own NCMD or FID membership)

  • Regular competitions to win dig tickets and prizes

Dig day fees for members are between £20 and £25 depending on where the dig is and the funds that the landowner will receive. Non-members may attend digs and the fee will be £5 more then the members fee. If you would like to attend a dig as a non-member please email

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Metal Detectives then please visit the 'Become a Member' page and complete your membership application. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your application.

We will contact you via email to verify your details and arrange payment.