This page informs all attendees of the procedure in the event of extreme weather.

Digs will normally always be on, even if it is wet, windy and cold - the digs must go on!

However we do have what we call our 'Extreme Weather Procedure'...

We class these as extreme weathers: Snow, Sleet, Frost, Flooding, Storms, High Winds

If a dig is cancelled at short notice (due to the weather or other circumstances beyond our control) any confirmed attendees will get an email the evening before. The latest the email will be sent is 10pm. If there is no email before this time the dig is still on.

If the weather turns extreme over night (for example you wake up and there's snow everywhere!) then the dig will be cancelled automatically.

If there has been a heavy frost and it has lasted for a few days then the dig is likely to be cancelled but we would normally have enough notice of this to email you to let you know.

If there has been flooding to our dig site search area then the the dig will be cancelled unless we can be sure that the land will drain in time.

When there are ongoing storms and high winds, especially lightening storms then the dig is likely to be cancelled. We will check the weather the day before and if it looks stormy we will let all confirmed attendees know whether the dig will go on or not.

If you are ever unsure of whether a dig you are suppose to be attending is on or not - please just call us on 07771 512 784 to check. We will answer the phone up to 10pm on the evening before dig days and we will pick up from 6.30am onwards on the morning of dig days.

I hope this clarifies things and please rest assured that if a dig is cancelled we will email you as soon as we are aware that the dig will be cancelled, therefore please make sure you check your email regularly if you are coming on a dig and the weather is not looking good.

Also please note:

- If you are not a confirmed attendee on the dig we would not contact you to let you know it was cancelled.


- If you decide to attend a dig and one of the other members has contacted you with the dig info please be aware that we can only contact you to let you know a dig is cancelled if we know you are coming - therefore please always confirm dig attendance with us!